Sunday, August 21, 2005

Danica races at Pikes Peak

Danica pushes into an 8th place finish at Pikes Peak International Menard 250.

Well it was another interesting day at the short ovals again this weekend. As Danica becomes more familiar with short oval tracks her experience in this aspect of Indy Racing is building. This being evident as she has consistently improved her standings thru the weeks racing short oval tracks. She posted the fastest lap this weekend.

During the first part of the race Danica lays back during the first 2/3 of the race due to changes in her car. Begining of the race experiencing oversteer and the at the end understeer. She then at the latter third of the race pushes her way up the field and places 8th. respectivly

The next few races should be more familiar for Danica since the Indy league will be racing 'road courses' in coming weeks. Danica has much experience in road courses since many of her early experience comes from these types of courses.

Dan Wheldon takes first at Pikes Peak.


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